Isotope analysis

We offer isotope analysis on different materials for customers from industry, science and research. Contact us and we will consider with you which isotope system could be applied to your problem.

If required, we will also be happy to develop proposals for customised optimal analysis strategies at your request.


Isotope analysis is used for a wide variety of issues. The spectrum of materials to be analysed ranges from rocks, minerals, ceramics or water to biological materials such as plants, wood or skeletal components.

When analysing radiogenic isotopes, for example, their natural radioactive decay with corresponding constant decay rates is used. The isotopic composition of the material in question changes over time as a result of the decay. Analysing this allows us to reconstruct the age, origin or formation of a wide variety of materials.

Different isotope systems can be used to

  • carry out radiometric age determination or determine the origin of rocks, minerals or waters
  • Secure supply chains
  • determine the authenticity and origin of a wide variety of (in)organic raw materials and products

The list of applications is long. Have we piqued your interest? Contact us with your enquiry!

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