Our philosophy

MASA Institute is at home in science and industry. We offer you scientifically sound analyses of a wide range of materials. Our high quality standards, project and question oriented analysis strategies and your satisfaction are our main focus.

Our methods of analysis always correspond to the latest state of research. Each analysis is associated with the highest quality controls. From expert advice and careful preparation of your sample to a detailed results report, MASA Institute provides you everything from a single source. We guarantee fast sample processing and transparent time and cost planning for the individual analyses.

Who do we want to reach?

On the one hand, the services offered by MASA Institute are aimed at companies from industry and scientific institutions that require specialised material analyses at the highest level and wish to delegate these to competent partners. We offer you our expertise and scientific experience as a service or project partner.

On the other hand, we would also like to offer a platform to private individuals. We can advise you on questions relating to materials used in your everyday life (tap water, food, garden soil, etc.), e.g. to get to the bottom of possible contamination or to analyse simple element compositions.

Examples of possible issues and projects

  • Product and manufacturing optimisation
  • Origin/origin (provenance) of materials
  • Securing Supply chains
  • Material authenticity/material and product counterfeiting
  • Material properties
  • Material compositions (element and mineral phases)
  • Corrosion analyses
  • Microstructure analyses, porosities, crack distributions
  • Age determination
  • Climatic and environmental conditions/changes
  • Residues and contamination (e.g. heavy metal contamination)
  • Layer and surface analyses, particle analyses

We are experienced scientists with co-operations and research projects with various companies, universities and research institutes. With this experience, we can offer you the best possible analyses and research services for your products and issues. This ensures that your products and projects remain innovative in the future.